Earth School Events


Having been introduced to square foot gardening the elementary children visited the Annadana farm to get a glimpse of organic farming and the process of seed saving.









The elementary children have been wanting a class pet for a while now. After much discussion and many class meetings later, the children decided to host a fundraiser to get a pet of their dreams.

They put up magic tricks, challenging puzzles and taught parents how to make cubes and tertrahedrons  using origami.

It was a great success and finally the elementary will now have their pet!

Thank you to all you wonderful parents who came by and encouraged us.

Magic Water

Magic Water

Gravity means nothing to MAGIC WATER!!!

Gravity means nothing to MAGIC WATER!!!


The Great Thumb Trick

The Great Thumb Trick


k 2

A Fishy Tricky Puzzle


Enjoying the challenge it presented

The Disappearing and Appearing Coin

The Disappearing and Appearing Coin

Delight all around!

Delight all around!

Looky Here! A Bench!

Looky Here! A Bench!

The Great Mind Reader!

The Great Mind Reader!

... I know what you are thinking ...

… I know what you are thinking …

Scaredy Cat Pepper ...

Scaredy Cat Pepper …

... runs away from me ...

… runs away from me …

chat break!

chat break!

Polyhedron Origami started out calm ...

Polyhedron Origami started out calm …

... soon got busy ...

… soon got busy …



The cashier ...

The cashier …

... hard at work.

… hard at work.

All in a days work!

All in a days work!



We stumbled upon a wonderful idea a few months ago called ‘Poem In Your Pocket Day’ celebrated by poetry lovers in New York. Given our love for poetry we knew instantly that this was something we would enjoy doing at school.

25 September 2013, was the first ‘Poem In Your Pocket Day’ at The Earth School.

All children and adults came in with a poem in their pockets. The elementary children put up a poetry recital for the school, as well. Our wonderful parents too joined in the sharing of poetry. As they waited to pick their child up at the end of the day, all of us walked out into the street to share and delight in the gift of poetry together.

Judging by how things went today, ‘Poem In Your Pocket Day’ has turned out to be a keeper.

quiet sharing of poems

quiet sharing of poems

A group share

A group share

r reciting

Reciting ‘The Little Turtle’ by Vachel Lindsay

Reciting 'Starfish' by Valerie Worth

Reciting ‘Starfish’ by Valerie Worth

s reciting

Reciting ‘Electric Eel

Reciting 'The Ghost Train'

Reciting ‘The Ghost Train’

Reciting a self written poem called 'The Serpent'

Reciting a self written poem called ‘The Serpent’

m reciting

Reciting self written poem – ‘Gardening’

Reciting 'The Griffin' by Arnold Sungard

Reciting ‘The Griffin’ by Arnold Sungard and a French poem as well!

i reciting

Reciting, ‘Sun’ in Spanish and English

Our very happy compere!

Our very happy compere!


Mesmerised audience

the bow

The performers take a bow

Sharing with parents

   v sharing

k sharing

m sharing

sa sharing

lots of sharing

Ink runs from the corners of my mouth
There is no happiness like mine.
I have been eating poetry.
~Mark Strand, “Eating Poetry,” Reasons for Moving, 1968


A recent presentation on earthworms saw these creatures capture the imagination of our children. Earthworms have become the ‘new’ superheroes at school. We have also started growing our own veggies and herbs at school and to learn more about earthworms, vermicomposting and growing vegetables, the elementary children visited the residence of Vani Murthy, in Malleswaram. Vani Murthy is dubbed as the ‘composting queen’ of Bangalore and is actively involved as a campaigner of solid waste management.  Her terrace is filled with fresh herbs, veggies and much to the delight of the children – wriggling earthworms. It was an enlightening visit for all of us.

On our way ...

On our way …

Vani Murthy's beautiful terrace

Vani Murthy’s beautiful terrace

Learning about different kinds of composting

Learning about different kinds of composting

Earthworm castings - black gold!

Earthworm castings – black gold!

Ruby earthworms

Ruby earthworms …

crawling on our hands!

… crawling on our hands!

Separating earthworms from their castings

Separating earthworms from their castings

Red cabbage and ...

Red cabbage and …

tomatoes for the squirrels

tomatoes for the squirrels

Spraying an organic pesticide

Spraying an organic pesticide



treats 3

treats 2


treats 4


Final questions answered

Final questions answered

The Happy Group Photo!

The Happy Group Photo!


Dr. Montessori was adamant about the importance of developing the children’s intellectual knowledge and their ‘real world’ social skills and self-reliance at the same time by means of visits into the larger world outside the school.

Recently the elementary children made their first overnight trip to Vanastree in Sirsi, Uttara Kanara. We left at night on 23 January 2013 and returned on 26 January 2013.

It was a significant milestone for all the children and for the parents as well!

We had a truly enriching trip where we were immersed in nature, community and a flood of new experiences.

A walk through paddy fields ...

A walk through paddy fields …

across bridges to run an errand for the good folk of Vanastree.

… and over bridges to run an errand for the good folk of Vanastree.

relaxing after a treat of chikki for an errand well done!

Relaxing after a treat of chikki for an errand well done!

Gentle Gowri who gave us the milk for our Kashaya, Payasam and even the raw material for the gobbar gas unit.

Gentle Gowri who gave us the milk for our kashaya, payasam and the raw material for the gobbar gas unit.

Though not all of us enjoyed mixing the dung with water we did it anyway!

Though most of us didn’t enjoy mixing the dung with water we did it anyway!

We harvested radishes with Sunita, the force behind Vanastree ...

We harvested radishes with Sunita, the force behind Vanastree …

... and loads ...

… and loads  of greens …

for our lunch ...

for our lunch.

We visited the homes of several of the sisters of Vanastree ...

We visited the homes of several sisters of Vanastree …

... who gave us gifts of song and brinjals.

… who gave us gifts of song and brinjals.

... who showed us the wonders of the workings of a bee hive and ...

We met Bee Babu uncle who showed us the wonders of the workings of a bee hive and …

some of us roused up the courage to hold a bee on our own!

some of us roused up the courage to hold a bee on our own!

We helped peel a semi wild banana ...

We helped peel semi wild bananas …

banana fig2

… and lined them in a tray to dry …

to dry to make 'banana fig'.

… to make ‘banana fig’.

The most loved part of the trip were the many hours we spent at the river ...

The most loved part of the trip were the many hours we spent at the river …

... building dams, moving logs ...

… building dams, moving logs …

... collecting rocks and skipping them in the water ...

… collecting rocks and skipping them in the water …

... making paint ...

… making paint …

... and decorating our bodies with it.

… and decorating our bodies with it.

After a night walk through the forest we waited for our bus ...

After a night walk through the forest we waited for our bus but none of us wanted to go home.

happy group 2


Each school has their own unique way of celebrating festivals.

Here is how, we celebrated it at The Earth School.

Each christmas season, we are mindful that this is a time for not only receiving but more importantly a time for giving. This year the children brought in gifts for the ‘Child for Life’ fund at St. Johns Hospital. They chose something from their own belongings that they felt another child might need or like.

The elementary put up a play for the entire school. The script was written by one of the children. It was a story written in the tradition of dreamtime myths from Australia. It was a huge success!

An eager audience

An eager audience ready and waiting on the amphitheatre

The enthusiastic narrator

The enthusiastic narrator

The kangaroo and rainbow serpent

The kangaroo and rainbow serpent

The great race

The great race

The kookaburra, goanna and carpet snake having a conference with the rainbow serpent

The kookaburra, goanna and carpet snake having a conference with the rainbow serpent

The assistant director

The assistant director

The happy group

The happy group

Like we do each year, we decorated the christmas tree

glittering ornaments

glittering ornaments …

... put up ...

… put up …

... one by ...

… one by …

... one

… one

Then we got our faces painted

face painting

And received our christmas gifts

and received our christmas gifts!




As is The Earth School custom, we visited a nearby forest reserve for a trek to celebrate children’s day.

En route


happy shiny people!

we’ve reached …

… and everything is so quiet!

better get our sticks ready for the walk

and off we go …

… onward and forward

… up the rocky hill

… and we make it!

… it’s time to head back

and the trek is nearly done.

time to soak it all in

and explore

“Everything is ceremony in the garden of childhood. – Pablo Neruda


We celebrated Eid on 29th October 2012. A BIG THANK YOU to Thasmeena (Hamza’s mother) for making this wonderful day possible! Here are some pictures from the celebrations. First up we had our hands hennaed!

And there were some very satisfied customers …

Then we learnt a little about Eid

And finally washed our hands and indulged in some cup cakes!


VISIT TO THE BANNERGHATTA ZOOFollowing up on work being done in class, some of the elementary children planned a trip to the zoo to deepen their understanding of the animals they were studying. We left early on 23 August 2012, and spent the day at the Bannerghatta zoo. Thank you Janet for helping with the transport and a very BIG THANK YOU to Babu who drove us safely.


We held a language workshop for some of our parents on 11th August 2012. Parents had their many questions answered through hands on work with the language material, gaining a glimpse into the process that our children journey through in their primary years. We looked at the indirect and direct preparation for language, writing and reading. We ended our session with the telling of the ‘Story of Writing’ – a great lesson presented to children in their elementary years. It was an enriching experience for all!


On 3rd March 2012, Saturday,  The Earth School hosted a talk by Erica Hagen. In 2010, Erica Hagen and Mikel Maron started GroundTruth Initiative to work towards empowering communities through open data, open information and participatory processes. Erica’s and Mikel’s work at GroundTruth was informed by their earlier experience of working with the Map Kibera project where they helped the youth and the communities in Kibera to map their geographies and represent information about themselves to the world through citizen media. 

In this lecture, Erica Hagen spoke about her work with communities in Kenya, Jerusalem, Nigeria and other parts of the world through GroundTruth Initiative. Specifically, Erica unpacked the relationship between empowerment, information, and storytelling, and what both these elements mean to communities in different parts of the world.



The entire Earth School community set off for a trek on 25th Saturday, 2012 to Turahalli. A Big thank you to all the parent volunteers for organising the food.


On December 21st 2011, we celebrated christmas at school.

Our two budding musicians, Vishal and Meah, accompanied our carol singing on the drums and even gave us a few solos.

As per Earth School tradition, all of us hung an ornament on the ‘school’ christmas tree, which was followed by some yummy treats.

Our children brought in gifts for the children of Bala Manne, at Silvepura, which is an orphanage cum school.

An unadorned christmas tree waiting for the children to arrive

Reading christmas poems

Hanging up the star gifted to us by our friends from the Wesley Home for the Elderly

Vineesh setting up the drum kit

What! We have drums?!?

All of us singing christmas carols

Meah on the drums

Vishal on the drums


More dancing

Passing around the ornaments

Decorating the tree

Decorating the tree

Yummy Treats


The decorated tree

Gifts for Bala Manne


On 16 December some of the elementary children had a star gazing session at school as a follow up to their work with constellations. We cooked and ate soup together, saw the wonders of the night sky, explored the night and even worked in class! It was a magical night and one we will remember for a long time to come. Thank you Karthik (Siddharth’s father) for bringing the telescope and guiding our session!

slicing mushrooms

slicing onions with no tears!

peeling potatoes

viewing jupiter

on our neighbours terrace

final touches to our soup

enjoying our hard work

looking at star charts


finger knitting the length of a giraffe!



On 18th November 2011, we bundled ourselves into 4 cars and made our way to a nearby forest reserve.

waiting for the others to arrive in the morning

we had our lunch before we set out for the trek

going over the first code of being in nature – leave it as you found it

listening to silence

we begin our trek

along the way

curled up millipede

fallen bee hive

climbing up the rocky hill

reaching the watch tower

great view from the watch tower

making our way back

curious friends

a l-o-n-g way back

one step at a time

we’ve reached!!!

our guide


On 15th November 2011, we celebrated children’s day with a fabulous ukulele performance by Jessica, Shivam’s mother.

It was simply magical and she reminded us – “when your spirit says ‘sing’ you just have to sing, when your spirit says ‘dance’ you just have to dance”!


After the ukulele performance, a few of our elementary children put up a puppet show for the others. It was based on the mythology behind the names of some of the constellations.


An eager audience waiting for the puppet show to start

Kabir relating the myth of Pegasus, the winged horse

Kabir telling us about the stars that make up the constellation, Pegasus

Ishan relating the myth of Leo, the fiercesome lion

Vishal relating the myth of Draco, the dragon

Vishal telling us about the stars in the constellation, Draco

The three of them relating a poem about Chinese Dragons


On 12 November 2011, parents of the elementary children had a little glimpse of the elementary curriculum.

We started by relating the first two great lessons told to the elementary children – Story of the Universe and The Coming of Life.

After that we broke up into 3 groups where the parents received lessons. The topics were – The story of the sponge (the animal), The life and death of stars and exploring 3 D solids.

The parents were helped to do some follow up work on these lessons, just like their children would after a lesson.

Referencing the sponge (phylum porifera)

drawing the paths of 3D solids to arrive at their nets

exploring atomic structure of elements as a follow up to the life and death of stars

referencing stars

building an dodecahedron with sticks while sitting under a icosahedron

looking for common characteristics of all sponges

referencing supernovas

making a dodecahedron out of paper

referencing the internal structure of sponges

clay model of sponges

testing elements

the completed dodecaheron

After an hour of work, we gathered together and shared our thoughts. We noted the connection between the different subject areas based on our experiences during the morning. Each time we found a connection between 2 subject areas, we connected them with yarn.

building a web of connections

the completed web


On 15th August 2011, we closed the door to what had been Earth School’s first home, looking towards the brighter things yet to come.

An entire day, 2 massive truckloads and 14 people later, The Earth School had moved.

Now we can be found at 109, Hutchins Main Road, Cooke Town.

It’s been a few weeks now and already our ‘new’ place has become home to us.

A BIG thank you to all our parents for all the support extended.

Front view of The Earth School

Coconut tree in the back garden

Elementary Environment

Elementary Environment

Elementary Environment

Elementary Environment

Primary Environment

Primary Environment

Washing Hands – Primary Environment

Primary Environment

Front Garden

Elementary Environment

Microscope – Elementary Environment

Back Garden


We at The Earth School, gladly gave up our Sunday on the 6th of February, and joined the larger Montessori community to participate in an event, ‘Metamorphosis’ organised by the Indian Montessori Association. The aim of the event was to spread an understanding of  the practice and philosophy of Montessori, through an entire developmental continuum – from early years to adolesence.

We showcased how one concept, namely volume, is connected to work done by the child at different ages.

Here are some pictures from the event

The young child works with material that helps with discrimination of dimension (the pink tower). They also gain experience with solid shapes (the blue geometric solids).  Their work is extended by providing the young child precise vocabulary connected to their experiences.

An older elementary child works with material that helps them calculate area of a plane surface. After much work they arrive at formulae for the calculation of area of various shapes.

These cubes help an older elementary child calculate the volume of solid figures. After much exploration, the child is helped at arriving at a general formula for calculating the volume of some solids.

The older elementary child explores with sand to find the volume relationship between a cube, a cuboid and a square pyramid. Their exploration and application of previously gained knowledge helps them generalise and arrive at more formulae.

The teachers hard at work!



29 January 2011, was a regular morning at The Earth School. The only difference was that instead of our children walking into class, it was their parents! The aim of the ‘silent journey of discovery’ was to offer our parents an opportunity to see our classrooms through a child’s eye and to experience their choice of a Montessori education for their children. For one and half hours, our environments were packed with much larger bodies, working on the very same things that the children work with everyday. Children, who are the cement that bind a society and indeed, mankind, together, had once again succeeded in bringing together a group of diverse adults. We shall walk together on this path of life, for all things are part of the universe, and are connected with each other to form one whole unity. – Dr. Maria Montessori 





One never knows where a lesson will take you in a Montessori environment! A spur-of-the moment story about the life of Beethoven has led to many explorations of all things musical. To gain a wider exposure to different kinds of musical instruments and the various materials that can be used to make them, the elementary set off early morning on friday, 21 January 2011, to visit Karnataka’s folk museum Janapadaloka. A special thank you to Babu and Prashanth for driving us comfortably and safely!





This year we celebrated the christmas season with the residents of the Wesley Home for the Elderly. On the 21st of December 2010, Tuesday, the entire Earth School community and residents of the home, met to partake of an evening filled with music, food and most importantly, good cheer! Big THANK YOU to all the residents of the Wesley Home for sharing their time with us. Special thank you to Vineesh for bringing his guitar along, to Temulun for accompanying us on her keyboard and to Anupama for being in-house photographer! Follow the link below to view photographs from the celebrations. Christmas Celebrations   PAPER RECYCLING and FARMING

Our exploration of the origins of writing in the elementary, led to us  to learn about different writing materials in ancient cultures and the history of paper making. To extend our work in class we took a trip to a paper recycling unit at Prakriya Green Wisdom School, on 8 December 2010. We experienced the entire recycling process, hands on ! We were also lucky enough to do some work at their organic farm! It was a truly enrichng experience for all. A special thank you to all the wonderful people who showed us around. Follow the link below to view photographs from our trip. Paper Recycling   VISIT TO A FOREST RESERVE On 15 November 2010 we bundled ourselves into 3 cars and drove out to a nearby forest reserve. The forest was lush and green after the recent spell of rains. The weather was perfect and there was birdsong in the air!  We did some light trekking and A LOT of exploring.   PARENTS TAKE A SILENT JOURNEY OF DISCOVERY On 3rd September 2010, the parents of The Earth School met to take a silent journey and discovery of the primary and elementary Montessori environments. They recieved presentations and worked with materials, following the processes of a ‘typical’ working day as experienced by the children. After our individual experiences, we met as a group to share our observations, get answers to our queries and continue to do the rewarding work of building ourselves into a little community. All our hard work was followed by a special treat of yummy sandwiches, especially made by the children!   PARENT ORIENTATION On 3rd July 2010, all the new families joining The Earth School, met for an orientation to the montessori philosophy and methodology.   SUMMER WORKSHOP The science workshop conducted by The Centre For Initiatives In Science and Environment Education (CISEE) at The Earth School went off well (despite the April heat!). The measure was the spontaneous application of scientific inquiry by the children … suddenly everything could be turned into an experiment! But most of all it was the wonder that they felt in the everyday things around them!

  THE BUTTERFLY PARK Our study of arthropods saw some of us interested in butterflies. On 19 february 2010, we packed the essentials for a nature study – the magnifying glass, butterfly identification cards, a wildflower guide, several bottles of water and set off to the Butterfly Park housed at the Bannerghatta Biological Park. Here are a few pictures from our visit!