Our Philosophy

photo by Roy Sinai

Our environment is a place where the child’s inherent love for learning is stimulated.

All the materials in a Montessori environment have been tested through time and are based on observations of how children learn and the various developmental stages that they pass through.

We at The Earth School view education as an aid to life, and as a process. Emphasis is not just on what is learnt, but how it is learnt.

In non-graded classes of mixed ages, children receive lessons with materials designed by Dr. Maria Montessori, choosing their activities and making discoveries about language, art, mathematics, music, and culture. Further, these materials lend themselves to self-correction, helping the child check herself independently.

Freedom is balanced with self-discipline and responsibility. Children are free to choose productive work, engage in social life based on mutual respect and direct their day. They take on successive levels of responsibility in the class environment, as they move further along on their path towards independence.

The Earth School believes that each child is a unique individual and that emotional and social development is as essential a part of their education, as the cognitive.

Within this framework, children progress at their own pace and rhythm according to their individual needs and capabilities, and are inspired to learn with wonder and confidence. Children receive the nurturing that facilitates successive levels of independence in thought and action. Working in a non-competitive atmosphere, based on courtesy and respect, children gain an understanding of themselves and develop sensitivity to others.