MBC continued


  • Are arranged neatly on low shelves, where everything has a place, and provides independent handling.
  • Are attractively displayed and in good condition. There is a lot of attention to detail, as children in early childhood are sensitive to detail.
  • Are arranged in a logical sequence, going from simple to more complex.
  • The adult should “rotate in” supplementary materials and lessons in a regular and logical manner, which compliment rather than detract from the Montessori materials. She should be able to justify their placement in the classroom.


  • The school should encourage parents to observe in their child’s environment.
  • There should be provision for a parent education program.
  • There should be opportunity for the parents to volunteer and help build the community.


Adapted from :

The International Montessori Council – Best Practices

The International Montessori Council Checklist – For Teachers

Montessori Unlimited – checklist